Discover Our Process

Discovery Meeting

  • Discuss and clarify what is important to you
  • Identify your goals and what they mean to you and your family
  • Take in inventory of your current assets and how they line up with your goals
  • Take your "blood pressure" on risk and volatility
  • Preview what it will take to accomplish your goals
  • Summarize how we can help you and how the process works
  • At the end of the first meeting we will learn enough about each other to know if there is a good fit for us to work together
  • Decide on next step

Strategy Meeting

  • Thoroughly go through the details of your custom financial plan and discuss what it will take to accomplish each of your goals.
  • We look at everything that is important to you: retirement, college funding, buying a new home, etc. All of your goals will be discussed in detail and solutions will be provided for each concern.
  • Education on the impact of taxes on the growth of different investments. The type of account your investments are in matters. Strategies to grow your assets tax efficiently is a top concern.
  • Make recommendations for each type of investment that helps you accomplish your goals.
  • Set up all the accounts and implement the financial plan

Ongoing Regular Strategy Review Meetings

  • Strategy review meetings are an important part of your financial success, as they continue to reinforce our, and your, commitment to accomplishing your goals.
  • Ongoing education on your financial plan, your investments, and your tax strategies is a regular part of our review meetings. The more informed you are, the better investor you will be.
  • Review meetings are every six months. If you have a major life event (new home, new job, new baby, etc.) in between review meetings we simply meet again.
  • In each review meeting we update your financial plan with current values and time horizons. We examine if you are on track or not and make any necessary adjustments.